Seminar by Read Pakistan at IIUI to promote reading culture.
A seminar “Readers are Leaders” was moderated by Read Pakistan Team at International Islamic University, Islamabad to encourage and motivated students to read more. Farrukh Dall, Chairman Read Pakistan, Sher Afzal Khan Vice Chairman and Dr. Sajid Mirza, Principal Librarian of IIUI delivered a talk on importance of reading habit in 21st century.
Farrukh Dall, Chairman Read Pakistan emphasized that Reading habit is a powerful tool for inclusive growth of a society. He said that reading has a direct impact on human development, on every part of the lives of citizens and has compounding effect and considerable consequences. It not only enhances the quality of life but also strengthens the democratization in a country as it empowers the critical and analytical thinking skills of individuals and leads to greater understanding of others. There is also a connection between human health, economic well-being and the reading habit. Therefore, it is important for society to have a large portion of the population engaged as readers so they can exercise power over their lives and understand how to make effective changes.
Seminar was conducted in collaboration with law department of the University.