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Read Pakistan At A Glance

Read Pakistan is a Trust registered under the Trust Act, with a team of highly motivated professionals for an educated Pakistan moving ahead on creation of reading facilities accessible to all and to train teachers / librarians/ parents to develop a greater emphasis on reading habits in the children/youth and masses in coping up with present and future challenges with informed knowledge. Read Pakistan is now a globally recognized for its certification for readers community, a standard by which individuals may demonstrate their competence and professionalism in their respective fields/ professions in different walks of life.

Read Pakistan has been established with the sole objective of the revival of habit of reading for pleasure, knowledge, entertainment, wisdom, guidance, intercommunication, mediation and above all having a profound insight about the panorama known as life. As Francis Bacon says, “Reading maketh a full man”. It equips the humans with a better understanding how to accept live a meaningful and successful life. “According to Lucas (1998), for example, the higher the level of education of the work force the higher the overall productivity of capital because the more educated are more likely to innovate, and thus affect everyone’s productivity.”