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Book: Read Readable

Book: Read Readable


Syeda Fatima Hasan Gilani & Farrukh Dall

This book is a concise collection of quotable quotes carefully picked to make a lustrous bouquet of words. This compendium has been divided in to three segments for the maximum benefit of the reader including the importance, instigation and guidelines for the preferment of reading habit. The book will prove to be a good friend through the journey of self-realization and will make the reader ponder over the sensitivity of reading benefits. We have not only argued the importance and benefits of reading but also have tried to prove that reading habit is an extensible blessing in disguise for individuals as well as for the nations. During the investigation it was also determined through study that “there was a link between deprivation and not reading”. People who never read books, or had lower levels of qualification had also a lower level of happiness and satisfaction within their lives. While on the contrary studies indicate that readers who have a habit of frequent reading are more likely to be satisfied with life, they are happier people with a more sound and stable professional career.