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 Welcome To Read Pakistan 

Read Pakistan is a Trust registered under the Trust Act, with a team of highly motivated professionals for an educated Pakistan moving ahead on creation of reading facilities accessible to all and to train teachers / librarians/ parents to develop a greater emphasis on reading habits in the children/youth and masses in coping up with present and future challenges with informed knowledge. Read Pakistan is now a globally recognized for its certification for readers community, a standard by which individuals may demonstrate their competence and professionalism in their respective fields/ professions in different walks of life.

Chairman's Message

Farrukh Dall

“We can achieve the goals of inclusivegrowth, economic development, collective happiness, internal peace and true democracy by encouraging and promoting reading as a national habit”.

CEO's Message

Syeda Fatima Hassan Gillani

I used to say, Reading is to mind what exercise is to body till the time I realized that reading is to mind as much as for the body”.

Vice Chairman's Message

Sher Afzal Khan

“Reading plays pro vital role in the development of strong relationship between parents and children. Reading also helps toddlers and free scholars is a higher aptitude for learning in general, academic excellence better communication skills and logical thinking skills”.

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List of Books (Stage 1)

LIST OF BOOKS FOR STAGE-1 OF THE 50 BOOKS A YEAR COMPETITION:   ENGLISH BOOKS:   1.Something for Nothing Brian Tracy 2. Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kyioski 3. The Old Man and the Sea Ernest Hemingway 4. Zero to One; How To Build The Future Peter Thiel (Founder...

The Terrifying Trunchbull | Short Story | Aniqa Mazhar

THE TERRIFYING TRUNCHBULL   Short story by Aniqa Mazhar     I know bullies can be terrible and they make life miserable, but what do you do when it’s your teacher who is the bully? Little did we know that the sweet-looking lady with the pretty face and...


(سمیرا عنایت)   وہ اپنے ننھے منے ہاتھوں سے فرش زور زور سے صاف کیے جارہی تھی۔ آٹھ سال کی عمر میں اسے ہر وہ کام کرنا پڑتا جس میں اسکی طاقت سے زیادہ مشقت لگتی . .” اسکے پاس کسی کوتاہی کی گنجائش نہیں تھی۔  کیونکہ وہ جانتی تھی اسکی  ماں اسے بہت پیٹے گی .             ...

Poignant Page in the Life of Daughter of Eve

Short Story by (Faryal Bukhari) Her head is rested on window’s glass. Her brownish red hair are falling down from her shoulders like a cascade. Her face has unreadable expressions. Her hazel brown eyes are drilling something outside the window but their deepness and...


Short story for children by Zeenat Iqbal Twenty kilometers west of the bounty road a small lane wound its way to a small castle. The castle looked like it was built for a prince and princess to stay in. The sky seemed to hug the earth there. The cheerful sun smiled...


 Short story for children by  Zeenat Iqbal    We’ll build our house on the moon,” said Sunny excitedly. Stories about the moon fascinated him. He would watch that golden globe stare down at him for hours.          “Oh! My piece of gold,          Out there it must...


Short story for children  by  Zeenat Iqbal Hakimjee          Once I went to Murree, where climbed a small mountain. On the other side of the mountain the scenery was beautiful. In the middle of some trees, I saw a hut and smoke was coming from it. Then I went towards...


Short story for children  by Zeenat Iqbal Hakimjee             In heaven, on a cloud, was the Silk Cushion Inn. So beautiful was it that no words were sufficient to describe’ it. The Silk Cushion Inn had “the. softest,, most .tender, structure ever seen,...


Short Story by Zeenat Iqbal Hakimjee  In the year 1907, there lived a witch in the village of Brooklyn, or so it was said. The house in which she lived was called the haunted house and the villagers, be it even the bravest of men in town, were scared of going near it...

THE LAST DIVE (Short Story)

Short Story for children by  Zeenat Iqbal Hakimjee           His income depended on going underwater. If, whatever this was not finished, how was anybody to invade the waters ever again; They led a comfortable life thanks to the pearls. He was able to get for his wife...

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