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Read Pakistan is an NGO, with a team of highly motivated professionals for an educated Pakistan moving ahead on creation of reading facilities accessible to all and to train teachers / librarians/ parents to develop a greater emphasis on reading habits in the children/youth and masses in coping up with present and future challenges with informed knowledge. Read Pakistan is now globally recognized for its certification for readers community, a standard for recognition and sensitization towards the “love of books”.

With 54 Libraries established over a decade of hard work alongside more than 100 conferences, talk shows, seminars and Radio talk. A continues annual presence of 14 plus Universities all over Pakistan acknowledging National Readers Conference(NRC).

Read Pakistan has developed one of a kind Module System to enhance reading habits of various stages of life. The organization also focuses on developing Book Clubs at Universities for enhancement of reading capabilities.  

Chairman's Message

Farrukh Dall

“We can achieve the goals of inclusivegrowth, economic development, collective happiness, internal peace and true democracy by encouraging and promoting reading as a national habit”.

CEO's Message

Syeda Fatima Hassan Gillani

I used to say, Reading is to mind what exercise is to body till the time I realized that reading is to mind as much as for the body”.

Vice Chairman's Message

Sher Afzal Khan

“Reading plays pro vital role in the development of strong relationship between parents and children. Reading also helps toddlers and free scholars is a higher aptitude for learning in general, academic excellence better communication skills and logical thinking skills”.

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