National Readers Conference, 2019

Read Pakistan has conducted conference of the year 2019, to be called as National Readers Conference, on 5th of October, 2019 at Higher Education of Pakistan Auditorium, H-9, Islamabad. NRC’19 is the annual event to promote reading as a national habit. Also to promote quality literacy instruction, advocate life-long reading, clarify educational issues for decision makers; Guide youth about their role as a citizen as well as member of this society and above all as a human being; Envision a society in which all people have an access to reading and have equal opportunities of learning and personal and professional growth. It is envisioned and initiated by chairman Read Pakistan, Mr. Farrukh Dall, (Assistant Attorney General for Pakistan). In which many international scholars and speakers had shared their thoughts and viewpoints on different issues related to readers and reading habits and availability of reading material.

Major Activities and segments of the event included

  • Different reading competitions
  • Different Writing competitions
  • Panel discussion
  • Stage play
  • Twitter Trend
  • Speakers’ motivational lectures
  • Kitabyn bolti han; books speak” (Introduced and presented by Mr. Yasir Imtiaz) Awan
  • Chief Guest appearance and motivational note
  • Awards distribution
  • Read School Stamp

Guest Speakers of the event were:

First Segment (English):
I. Birgit Lamm (Germany)
II. Wafaa A. Ghaffar (Lebanon)
III. Dr. Fatemeh Kamali (German- Iranian)
IV. Fatima Hasan Gilani (Senior Vice Chairperson, Head International Chapters, Member Board Of Trustees, Read Pakistan)
V. Noman Sethi (International Exposure of corporate law)
VI. Dr. Michael Hirsch (USA)

Second Segment (Urdu):
I. Umar Riaz, Director National Police Academy, Islamabad.
II. Air Marshal R. Masood Akhtar (Chief Guest)

Since there cannot be a better way to start an event projected for the establishment of school libraries and educational theater to further promote the vision of an educated Pakistan having Readers and ultimate Leaders with the name of Allah, the most beneficent and the most merciful and with audience paying tribute to the national anthem.

Panel Discussion:

Panel discussion was a segment in this event which was being hosted by Mr. Omar Khalid Butt (Anchor person at PTV world). In panel discussion, many renowned personalities at national and international level had participated. Guest Speakers as also mentioned above, included:
I. Birgit Lamm (Germany)
II. Wafaa A. Ghaffar (Lebanon)
III. Dr. Fatemeh Kamali (German- Iranian)
IV. Fatima Hasan Gilani (SVC, Head International Chapters, Member BOT, Read Pakistan)
V. Noman Sethi (International Exposure of corporate law)
VI. Dr. Michael Hirsch (USA)

In this segment, the topic of discussion was “to promote reading culture among youth”. The discussion was very healthy and fruitful. Panelists had discussed the reading habits in youth in an international perspective. They discussed how to motivate youth to read books, how to inculcate love of books in young people, how to make this nation, a Nation of Readers and ultimate Leaders. At the end of the segment, in question answer session, different people from the audience had asked questions from the panelists. The host concluded the segment on this point: “One should start reading from a single page of a book. Then ultimately one become fond of reading and it makes one a habitual reader.” Thank you to all the guest for their time.

Reading Competition:

NRC 2019 had different reading competitions in which students from all over the country has participated. These competitions were being conducted before the day of conference and the winners of the competitions were announced on the respected day. Shields and certificates were being distributed among the champions and participants by the Guest on the day of conference.

Writing Competition:

National Readers Conference 2019 has many writing competitions in which youth from all over the Pakistan has participated. Like all other competitions, these competitions were also being conducted before hand. Announcement of the winner was being done on the respected day and shields were being given to the triumphant. And certificates were being distributed among the participants by Guest of the day.

Stage Play:

Theater has been an influential factor in many people’s lives. Creativity can flourish, academics can improve, and means of self-expression can be developed. In National Readers Conference 2019, stage play was an important and beautiful presented part. A stage play named as ” Dastan Goi” was being presented by students of performing art from Fandom Circle-1st READ Teen Book Club and Educational Head: Ms. Alishba. Narrator of Dastan Goi was Ms. Sabeen Naz. Ms. Sabeen Naz – Vice President of READ Pakistan laid foundation of “READ Educational Theatre” on August 14, 2019 and launched its first stage play with the category introduced “Dastan Goi” under the umbrella of READ Teen Book Club by the name of Fandom Circle. This stage play was directed, produced & narrated by Ms. Sabeen Naz. The story script was written by Ms. Alishba. It is an adaptation of a true story of a Canadian woman who became the First Woman Judge of Canadian High Court; due to her extended love for book reading only. It is a story of her journey from childhood to adulthood; how she faced many challenges & being discouraged for keeping reading habits. The stage play showed great importance of book reading in one’s life.

Twitter Trend:

Team read Pakistan had launched a hashtag named as #NationalReadersConference before one week to conference and hashtag named #NRC19 on the day of conference. They hit the panel and became a top trend on twitter in only 30 minutes. We are sure that the slogan and message of Reading had become the word of every mouth.

Kitabyn Bolti Hain  (Books Speak):

“Kitabyn bolti han; (books speak)” was one of the most interesting segments in the conference, named as National Readers Conference 2019, introduced and presented by Mr. Yasir Imtiaz Awan. He had written a melodious poem full of rhythms and smoothness. The tone of the speaker(poet) was mysterious, provocative, ominous and hopeful. It included the relevance of title and its historical significance. The purpose of writing was to inform with facts or to persuade with an appeal to reason or emotions or just to entertain the readers and listeners. He aroused his audience to start reading books.

Motivational Speech by Mr. Umar Riaz:

Mr. Umar Riaz is the Director of National Police Academy of Pakistan. He discussed the importance of reading in an interesting way at National Readers Conference. He had activated his audience to at least start reading from a single page. He shared his own childhood example how his love for books has made him a book thief. He had stolen books in order to read. He urged his audience to start reading because it’s the only thing that can change their lives and help them in conquering the world.

Chief guest Appearance:

Air Marshal R. Masood Akhtar had appeared on the day as a Chief Guest. He had increased the glory and dignity of the event by doubling the enthusiasm in the youth. He urged his audience to make reading habits. He shared his own life experiences, his struggles and achievements. Chairman Read Pakistan, Mr. Farukh dall had honored him with an honorary award.

Awards and shields Distribution:

It is not wrong to call this event, National Readers Conference, an event of acknowledging efforts and hard work of people associated with it. In short, at NRC’19, Read Pakistan had awarded its members with awards and shields on their excellence in work throughout the year I.e., Awards for Readers Conference, Annual Excellence Award, Best Performance Award, Best Book Club Award, Best Literary Raptor, Read Membership Award, Making a difference Award, Social Media Management Award, Read Mega event Award, Read IT Award.
Also Shields were being distributed among members :Readers Hike shield, Appreciation shield, Content Writer(writing) Shield, Read membership shield, Junior Ambassador Shield Best Designer shield, Online Book Club shield, Read IT Shield, Read Crew Magazine Shield, Read Crew Magazine shield.

Final note:

Closing Remarks by Syed Abid Qadri Gilani, Advisor to Read Pakistan. His final note gave motivation to the audience.

Thank you Note:
Everybody works proudly for the institution in longer terms.Special thanks to Mr. Jawad Shahid, manager operations Read Pakistan, for his time and tireless efforts. Special thanks to Mr. Shahab ud Din, Cyber Sultan Read Pakistan, for conducting pre-event activities from Pakistan and then from Tukey.
Special thanks to our social media team, designer, content writer and admins etc for their day and night work and struggles in the success of National Readers Conference 2019. Special thanks to Mr. Sher Afzal for making arrangements for refreshments for our esteemed guests and food for our all participants. Special thanks to Ms. Umm e Kulsoom for heading all competition activities.
National Readers Conference 2019, had come to its end, hoping that the objectives and purpose of this Trust has reached to the Nation even outside the country and everybody would support these objectives. However, the purpose of this event will only be fulfilled when this Nation especially Youth will start reading books.

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