Read Ambassadors

Read Ambassadors



Read ambassadors are chosen on the basis of their  profile. Their fundamental role is to coordinate different activities to raise the voice of Read Pakistan on various platforms.

Dani Amirah Mundy
Mrs. Dani A. Mundy is a lecturer, TEFL teacher and trainer, materials writer from Worcester, UK. She has worked in this sector since 23 years. She is associated with Read Pakistan since 2018. She has delivered a number of talks, lectures and trainings with Read Pakistan about reading habits. 
Barbara June Toye-Welsh
Canada/ Egypt

A Canadian Global Education Consultant, Barbara supports organizations in the international education sector to achieve objectives through overseeing the operations of the project, collecting data for external evaluations, designing and facilitating teacher training and curriculum development, and supporting the technical aspects of proposal development. Presently, she is developing designs for a Global Reading Conference including plenary, panels, and sessions; developing a call for research papers with a list of topics and recommending specialists and participants. Currently she is living in Egypt. 

Dr Khalid Ibrahim Al Dossary
Saudi Arabia
Dr. Khalid Ibrahim Al Anaysha Al Dossary is a senior HRD, Education, English Language and Cross Communication Senior Consultant and Trainer. He is a former Saudi Aramco Head of Professional Learning Division. Currently, he is the owner and General Manager of cross-cultural communication center for learning and Educational consultants. 
He is the designer, consultant and trainer of EIECC- International Program.
Suzi Ismail
Suzy Ismail is the Founding Director of Cornerstone, a nonprofit, faith-based communication intervention organization with several locations around the world that focus on youth, family, marriage, identity, socio-emotional wellness, and relationship rebuilding. She is the author of many books including "Modern Muslim Marriage," "9 to 5," "When Muslim Marriage Fails," and several other works. She specializes in educating and empowering women, youth, and vulnerable populations by presenting a range of workshops, lectures, programs, diversity seminars, and corporate trainings both nationally and internationally. As a Visiting Professor for over a decade in the Communication Departments of Rutgers University and DeVry University, Suzy has researched, written, and presented extensively on the intersectionality of education, faith, communication, and culture.
Her humanitarian work has been recognized with numerous awards including the Ambassador for Peace Award and the Visionary Muslim Award. She is a PhD candidate in Human Services focusing on Family Studies & Intervention Strategies and resides in Princeton, New Jersey.
Dr. Fatemeh Kamali Chirani
Iran/ Germany

Fatemeh Kamali-Chirani is an Iranian-German Political Scientist. She did her PhD at the University of Augsburg, Germany. She did her BA (in Journalism), and a MA (in North American Studies) from the University of Teheran, Iran and was a journalist and NGO activist there. In Germany she was active as a volunteer advisor and translator for refugees and a language-mediator for migrants and asylum searchers in Germany. She won a prize as the best journalist of the BIMUN, a UN Model Conference, in Bonn 2014. In 2019 Fatemeh published her first book, a short version of her PhD, “Does Intercultural Dialogue matter?: The Role of Intercultural Dialogue in the Foreign Cultural Policy of Iran and Germany”.
Since September 2019 Fatemeh lives in Islamabad, Pakistan. She is Visiting Research Fellow of the Sustainable Development Policy Institute since January 2020. Her main fields of interest are intercultural dialogue, Cultural Diplomacy, Women, Migration and Refugees.

Dr. Jessica J. Lockhart
Panama/ USA
Jessica J. Lockhart is a globally renowned and an international award-winning writer and speaker. She was awarded Honorary Degree of Doctorate in Humanities by the World Humanistic University in Florida, USA. She recently received an international award granted by APFAS. She is the founder of the International Institute of Humanology with twin seats in Switzerland and Panama. She is also the Editor in Chief of The World of Humanology.
Mrs. Jassica will be bringing to light the humanology, books and human being through her insight and experience as a reader.