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Read Pakistan is a dream, an initiative of Farrukh Dall, a young lawyer and Chairman of Read Pakistan to make Pakistan a knowledge society and to promote reading culture. It is a Trust registered under the Trust Act, with a team of highly professionals motivated for an educated Pakistan moving ahead on creation of reading facilities accessible to all and to train teachers / librarians/ parents to develop a greater emphasis on reading habits in the children/parents and society coping up with present and future challenges.  Trainings of youth, parents and teachers, community-building events and support services are a large part of our mission along with establishing libraries in the country.


Our 100, 000 School Libraries’ project:

Our “City of Libraries” project:

Thank you for your interest in membership. By joining Read Pakistan, you will instantly be part of an international, professionally diverse network of educated people around the world.  Our events and online resources provide our members with unprecedented networking opportunities with fellow members and high quality people. We welcome the involvement and the membership of those who are interested in knowledge dissemination, promoting books culture, establishing libraries and others who share Read Pakistan’s commitment and vision and support our mission to accelerate the objective to make Pakistan knowledge based society.

The overall goal of Read Pakistan is to ensure that every person gets a reading opportunity and to train the librarians/teachers in developing the reading habits and diffusion of knowledge in Pakistan and promotion of the lifetime reading habit and also to promote quality literacy instruction, advocate life-long reading, clarify educational issues for decision makers, and support research in literacy.

We believe in our Chairman’s vision;

“We can achieve the goals of inclusive growth, economic development, collective happiness, internal peace and true democracy by encouraging and promoting reading as a national habit”.

Applying for Membership;

  • Applications for membership may be submitted at any time during the year. You may either submit the official membership form online available or download the application and submit it to . Please allow 30 days for application review and approval notification.
  • To keep updated about utilization of your funds and rebate packages, please confirm the email sent to you by our system for membership confirmation email by our official email by us if you don’t get it; please send us an email to ensure the confirmation.
  • You would be issued a smart card by Read Pakistan mentioning your ID Number.

Benefits of Membership;

By becoming a member you will join a network of hundreds-thousands of members from around the world who support the Trust. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of the many benefits of membership, including;

  • Opportunity to promote yourself and your achievements through the Read Pakistan’s network.
  • Face-to-face and online events and webinars.
  • Latest education and book industry news and thought articles.
  • Access to prestigious, exclusively negotiated benefits with hand-picked partners. (Our partner organizations give different rebate packages to our paid members which are announced on our website from time to time).
  • Substantially reduced fees for events registrations.
  • Our support to become a writer/author and opportunities for your children to become our “Junior Ambassadors” and to join our annual competitions national level etc.
  • Many other benefits announced from time to time.

Membership Categories;

Read Pakistan offers six categories of membership to support each aspect of knowledge dissemination and promotion of reading culture.

Read Long Term:                     Rs. 40, 000/-        

Read Executive                       Rs. 20,000     

Read Platinum                         Rs. 10, 000

Read Gold                                Rs. 4500

Read Silver                               Rs. 2,000