Become Our Member

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Read Pakistan’s membership program, designed to bring together passionate individuals who share our vision of fostering a love for reading and education. As a Silver member of Read Pakistan, you will gain access to a range of exclusive benefits and exciting opportunities to engage with our community.

By joining as a member, you will enjoy the following privileges:

  1. 25% Discounted Registration Fee for the National Reader Conference (NRC): Take part in our flagship initiative, the NRC, and make a significant contribution to promoting literacy across Pakistan while benefiting from a reduced registration fee.
  2. 50% Discount on Online Courses from E-Commerce Pro: Enhance your knowledge and skills in the field of e-commerce with discounted access to high-quality online courses offered by E-Commerce Pro.
  3. Preference for Conference Volunteer Positions: Gain priority consideration for volunteer positions at Read Pakistan’s conferences, allowing you to actively contribute to our events and network with like-minded individuals.
  4. Bookmarks and Pens: As a token of our appreciation, receive exclusive Read Pakistan bookmarks and pens to accompany your reading journey. (Platinum, Golden & International Membership).
  5. Social Media Appreciation: We will tag you in an appreciation post on our social media platforms, showcasing our gratitude for your commitment to promoting literacy and education.
  6. Free Access to Digital Books on Read Pakistan: Delve into a vast collection of digital books available on Read Pakistan, providing you with a world of knowledge and literary exploration.
  7. Established Your Identity as Reader: Benefit from increased visibility and exposure as we promote our members and their literary initiatives through our extensive network.
  8. Free Awareness to Access to Literary Lodge & (Live Show): Immerse yourself in the world of literature through our live show, Literary Lodge, featuring discussions, interviews, and performances by prominent authors and artists.
  9. Latest Education and Book Industry News and Articles: Stay informed with the latest updates, trends, and insights in the education and book industry through our curated newsletters and thought-provoking articles.
  10. Exclusive Negotiated Benefits with Hand-Picked Partners: Access prestigious and exclusive benefits, specially negotiated for Read Pakistan members, with our carefully selected partner organizations.
  11. Junior Ambassadors: Give your children the opportunity to become “Junior Ambassadors” of Read Pakistan, allowing them to participate in our competitions and contribute to our mission from a young age.
  12. Adult Ambassadors: Join Read Pakistan as an Adult Ambassador and become an integral part of our mission to promote literacy and education. As an Adult Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to engage actively with our community, contribute your skills and expertise, and make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals through the power of reading.
  13. Read Pakistan members will receive a 15% discount on services at the Islamabad Diagnostic Centre, a reputable healthcare facility providing laboratory tests, This collaboration aims to enhance access to quality healthcare services for Read Pakistan members, promoting their well-being and fostering a healthier community.
  14. Read Pakistan is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital Islamabad, a renowned healthcare institution committed to providing top-quality medical services. This partnership aims to bring exclusive benefits to Read Pakistan members, ensuring their access to discounted rates on a wide range of healthcare services.
      1.     CONSULTATION 30%
      2.     MEDICAL OFFICER 30%
      3.     NURSING CARE 30%
      4.     ROOM CHARGES 30%
      5.     WARD CHARGES 15%
      6.     SEMI/PVT ROOM CHARGES 15%
      7.     PVT. ROOM CHARGES 15%
      8.     ICU CHARGES 15%
      9.     OT TIME P/M CHARGES 15%
      10. RECOVERY TIME P/M 15%
      11. LAB CHARGES 15%


                                                       MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES


      We are also pleased to offer membership tiers, include:

      1. Silver Membership worth: – PKR 2000/-
      2. Gold Membership worth: – PKR 4500/-
      3. Platinum Membership: – PKR 10000/-
      4. International Membership: – $100/-

            (Gold, Platinum, and International, each offering an enhanced set of privileges and benefits tailored to meet the diverse needs of our members.)

          Gold – Rs 4500/-

          • 50% discounted registration fee for NRC
          • 50% discount on online courses from E-Commerce Pro
          • Free Notebooks and Pens
          • VIP seats in events

          Platinum – Rs 10000/-

          • 50% discounted registration fee for the Writer’s Conference with stage time
          • 100% discounted registration fee for NRC (National Reader’s Conference) with stage time
          • Free access to other Read Pakistan events
          • Free access to online courses from E-Commerce Pro
          • 15% discount on books Read Pakistan offer.
          • Any free corporate stationery (mugs, key chains)
          • Friends of Read Pakistan Shield

          International – $100/-

          • Rebate on Air tickets
          • 50% discounted registration fee for the Writer’s Conference with stage time
          • 100% discounted registration fee for NRC (National Reader’s Conference) with stage time
          • Free access to other Read Pakistan events
          • Free access to online courses from E-Commerce Pro
          • Any free corporate stationery (calendars)