Advisory Council

Advisory Council

Dr. Ghulam Hussain
Dr Ghulam Hussain is a medical practitioner and politician. He was a close ally of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and the co-founder of the Pakistan Peoples Party, ex-General Secretary of the Pakistan People’s Party, also one of the writers of Pakistan's first constitution in 1973. He is currently residing in Sweden and writing his second book.  
Lord Nazir Ahmed
Lord Nazir Ahmedis a British politician of Pakistani origin. He is a former member of the House of Lords.
He lives in Rotherham, England. 
Asma Rashid Khan

Mrs. Asma Rashid Khan has over a decade of experience working in the development sector, particularly in education. She is currently the Director of the Satrang Gallery at the Serena Hotel in Islamabad, a new initiative to encourage and promote young and local artists.

Dr. Fateh Muhammad Chaudhary
Fateh Chaudhary is a Development Economist. He retired from World Bank as Senior Economic Advisor. He lives in Washington DC. 
Muhammad Farooq

A life coach, a motivational speaker, a corporate trainer, and a professional, Muhammad Farooq is an Engineer with MBA, and 20+ years of Telecoms and ICT experience from diverse corporate in America, Asia and Middle East. He can be reached at

Syeda Nasreen Sultana

Late Syeda Nasreen Sultana was the Advisor to the COMSATS. She was a leading librarian and one of the founder members and supporters of Read Pakistan. 

Capt (R) Syed Mohammad Abid Qadri Gillani

Former Inspector General of Police, Syed Abid Qadri Gilani is regarded as one of the best and most honest officers in the police service of Pakistan. He retired as the Director General of FIA. 

Mian Abdul Rauf
Mian Abdul Rauf is the Advocate of Supreme Court of Pakistan and member of the top legal body of country, Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan. He is former Advocate General of Islamabad and Prosecutor General of Pakistan under the Pakistan Protection Act.