Read Talks



                                        READ TALKS

Read Talks is the world’s first talk series focused and highlighting the value of books.

The purpose of Read Talks is “fostering the spread of knowledge” by spreading with boundless ideas and to furnish a platform with presentations given by famous personalities and influential members of community from various walks of life from Pakistan and Abroad.

A handful of talks of learned citizens and with the gravity which help them to deliver their message, in both language as Urdu and English. With passage of time the Read Talks will be deliver in regional/ provincial languages of Pakistan like looking into the strength of listeners and speakers.

Goals of Read talks are to improve the general knowledge and use of books all over the Globe, provide experiences and broaden perspectives in selection of books for reading, boost creativity and imagination to use books and select good literature. It’ll be publicly accessible to all walks and age in community.

The Talk events will cover issues on a more global approach focuses on a standardized level while inviting best intellectual speakers to address the local community.