Read Pakistan established three school libraries on dated 31.08.2016 at PEN schools situated at Thatha/Makli, Sindh province, Pakistan. Libraries were established in the following schools;
1. Government Boys Primary School Christian Colony, Thatha
2. Government Boys Primary School, Makli
3. Government Girls Primary School, Makli
Under an agreement with the PEN schools, Read Pakistan will establish 34 school libraries in different schools situated in different parts of province. The libraries will impact the lives of 7, 000 students of 34 primary schools at sindh which are run by the PEN Schools. Farrukh Dall, Chairman Read Pakistan said that these books will help the children to build their imagination and will help them to discover themselves and life. He said that we are establishing these libraries under the umbrella of   “100, 000 school libraries” to be established by Read Pakistan. He expected that this initiative will enrich the minds of the nation.