21.05.2021: Read Pakistan Book Club was conducted at the Institute of Business Administration,Sukkur. The book Reclaim Your Heart was reviewed. 
Book “Reclaim your heart” is a self-help book. It is based upon spirituality and is written by Yasmeen Mogahed. In this book, she has defined chapters by providing references from the holy book Quran and quoting examples from the lives of prophets. In this book she has describes that we humans are unable to have peace of mind and heart. It is just because we have attached ourselves to worldly things. The attachment and love with imperfect things and people, shatter us. The only way to come out is by referring to God and by devotion to him, as he is the only perfect and everlasting strong support. Detachment from the universe is the only way towards peace of mind and heart.
Moreover, this world is a perfect test for believer. In this world Allah SWT test believers with different hardships so in the end he can returned to Him (Allah). Not only this, but author also mentioned that this world is the prison for believer and paradise for non-believer as believer knows that this world is temporary and wants himself free from all temporary pleasures and temporary benefits of the world.
In addition to its author also mentioned the importance of Salah in the life of believer and said that our life should revolve around the Salah not vice versa to protect our soul from the theft of shaitan. Also, she states that the believers start losing right path if he start missing his prayer.
Last but not least author highlighted the role of women in Islam by saying that women should not compare herself with men as Allah dignifies them due to their distinctiveness not sameness. In addition to its author also said that women should not attach to the worldly beauty and so-called beauty standards of the society for the sake of pleasure of today’s men.
Reported by: javeria Rab Nawaz
Arranged by: Hamza Ali, Duaa Zahra Alvi, Syed Farrukh Taqi, Sumeran.
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