Islamabad; Read Pakistan in collaboration with the Quaid e Azam University (QAU) Library Society organized a conference titled “The QAU Readers Conference” on May 2nd, 2019. The objective was the promotion of reading culture among the youth. Ms. Zartaj Gul, Federal Minister for climate change, was the chief guest. The guest speakers included Mr. Muhammad Anwar, Deputy Country Head of FNF Pakistan; Mr. Farrukh Dall, Assistant Attorney general for Pakistan and Chairman Read Pakistan; Admiral (R) Asif Sandila, Former Chief of Naval Staff; Dr Waqar Ali Shah Acting Vice Chancellor, QAU Islamabad; Mr. Anwar Ijaz, Librarian DRSM and Patron QAU library society.

The event began with welcome address by  Khalil Ahmad, the president of library society QAU. The conference delivered its purpose to its best. Each speaker in most unique way kindled in youth the love for reading. Ms. Zartaj Gul narrated how every book was respected by her as a child as if it were a holy book. She emphasized how reading culture is dying and why we must worry about it. Although she confessed that now she hardly finds time to read but expressed that as a student she loved to read and shared the names of her favorite books.

Mr. Farrukh Dall in a very impressive way stirred up the love of reading among the audience and shared his views on making Pakistan a knowledge economy. Mr M. Anwar emphasized the most important task of choosing the right book whilst highlighting the role of books in human development; he arrested the audience momentarily in a world of books. Admiral (R) Asif Sandila motivated the students for reading by relating numerous examples and by focusing on the need of education in Pakistan. Dr Waqar Ali Shah magnetized the students and convinced them that reading is the best habit by putting before them many points to ponder and thereby analyze it themselves. The speakers appreciated Mr. Waqar Ahmad, Central Team Leader of Cyberead for holding such successful event on such an important topic.

The event ended with a thank you speech by Mr Anwar Ijaz, Chief librarian QAU and patron library society. The conclusion of the event was marked by an initiative of Read Pakistan and Library Society to distribute free books among the students.

Waqar Ahmad, the team lead of Read Pakistan, Ms Zartaj Gul and Dr. Waqar Shah.