Both Islamabad Science School & College (ISSC) and Read Pakistan will do different activities to inculcate love of books in students, parents and teachers.  Memorandum of Understanding was signed on Monday, dated 27.02.2017 under which the ISSC will also provide the following rebate on all programs as under;

  1. 20% rebate on Tuition and Registration fee to Smart Card holders of Read Pakistan.

The facility of this discount service will be provided on the following branch of the ISSC;

– Islamabad Science School & College, H-11/4 Islamabad.

Read Pakistan will provide;

– Training to teacher and parents and other many benefits as per policy to ISSC.

However, no member will be entertained on any branch without having proper Read Pakistan Smart Card.

Most English medium educational institutions in Pakistan are westernized and liberal where as Sciential provides modern education in an environment which is totally Pakistani as far as cultural values are concerned. Teaching of Ethics, basic Islamic Values, Interpersonal Skills and Leadership qualities are the integral part of Sciential’s mission. The focal emphasis is given on student’s personality development, discipline and good working habits in an environment free of all negative influences. Click here to know about ISSC.

MoU was signed by:

Farrukh Shehzad Dall (Chairman Read Pakistan Trust)

Mrs Mubarika Mansoor  (Principal)