Ammara Hanif

Can you recall any sort of gadget or technology in your school classroom except for a mobile or computer? But in this modern era, technology has become an essential part of learning for students and teachers because it has eradicated the barriers of communication and facilitates to provide a quality education.

The following list tells about the emerging new technologies, software, and platforms which can be used in classrooms to revolutionize the ways of learning.

  1. Chrome books
    In spite of the expanding popularity of tablets, Google’s chrome book may give a tough competition in the lower grade classrooms;
  • It’s easy to set up.
    • They are less expensive.
    • It’s easy to operate.
    • A traditional keyboard is offered which helps in typing fast.
    • It’s easy to fix the hardware in it.
  1. Celly
    Celly is a text-messaging network which allows everyone to create a network everywhere – at a rally, event, in the classroom, or on a field trip using smart phones.


Teachers who have used this network in their classroom noticed that students who normally don’t speak were forced to speak through this network and wrote their thoughts and concepts more clearly and precisely.

  1. Lesson Cast
    Lesson Cast is majorly used by teachers as it allows teachers to submit a 2-minute lesson plan strategy, idea, or resource using videos, documents and PowerPoint and share it with other teachers as well. This free software is also offering a networking opportunity and a bucket of knowledge that has any impacts in the field of education.
  2. Knewton
    Knewton is a new technology based company which aims to personalize the best possible learning. This podium supervises the student’s activity and utilizes the information to  provide them the best personalized resources based on their level of performance.
  3. Live Binders
    This binder allows educators to assemble and systematize resources for lesson plans like a pin or a bookmark. It also works for students who gathers resources for a big project.
  4. Glogster EDU
    Students use Glogster to display their work creatively. It helps students to collage pictures, text, video, and custom graphics to create a visually tempting presentation for their most up-to-date projects. They are easy to make and share!
  5. Study Blue
    This Company has designed an app which acts as a primary storage source for important learning material. It allows students to manage their coursework, store notes and flashcards and share their materials with other students.

These are a few innovations in the field of education and learning. Technology is an important aspect of education system because it enhances the relationship between a teacher and student.

Moreover, these technologies are determined to make learning fun with easiest of ways and we are thankful for such an amazing steps