Urdu Novel by

Nemra Ahmad 


Book Review by Mominah Ambreen



Have you ever held an Urdu novel which you start reading and find out that it is completely based on fiction and supernatural thrill? Well, you should then. Haalim is written by the famous Urdu author Nemrah Ahmed who has given her audience some block busters in the past like Jannat k Pattay and Namal. Her audience is a fan of her convincingly natural and instinctive style of writing that gives raw grounds to completely relate with any character or story. She has always come up with something new, different that has the essence of mystery and thrill which is quite rare in Urdu novels. Maintaining her unique writing style and leaving the audience awe struck, Haalim is a book of 22  chapters completed in 2  years.


Haalim is an Arabic word which means Dreamer. Mystery and no dreams, fair enough? That is what makes Haalim unique. The story plot beautifully revolves around dreams and their meanings. Moreover, the most important as well as fascinating thing about this novel is the fiction supported by the theme of “Time Travel”. Yes, time travel. Reminds you of some English thriller or a Hollywood movie? Pakistani writers’ minds are no less. Time has been given a significant importance in the whole book for some obvious reasons.

The story is set in Malaysia and the ancient country of Malaka. The plot also revolves around politics and politicians. Fateh bin Ramzil and Taalia Murad are the two characters that have given life to the story plot with the help of Adam bin Muhammad. Fateh is the politician who aspires to change the condition of Malaysia and Taalia is a con artist who has different identities. Adam is portrayed as a person with low self esteem and a lot of self doubt. The most engrossing part is that all these characters somehow share the same stories, pain and a sense of life with them being strong and courageous in their own ways.


The politics and the unprocessed truths of politics depicted in the story are as intriguing as the politicians themselves. Just like that, the raw nature of life lived by a common man is portrayed as lyrically as any lullaby voicing the verses of pain and hurt.

This book with all honesty teaches you how to let go, how to move on and how to believe in your own self and how to explore your strengths. Each and every character gives you reason to relate to it. Every character has a dark past or something they want to move on from just like every other human being. The whole novel can be summed up in one word “Growth”, that humans go through. Pain and hurt, insecurities and self doubts, betrayal and hate, rejections and invalidation is what Haalim is all about, but, these traits are depicted as a normal part of human lives and the essence of it is that how you learn to grow through them and reach higher levels of emotional strength.


I would rate this book five stars because of the unique story plot and intriguingly raw shades of all characters.