Mysterious Soul.


Have you ever felt the anonymous fear?

may be the fear to consume someone,

or the fear of being consumed,

but it consumes you itself.

The fear that has no name,

but shows up in different shapes.

The fear that makes you mysterious,

yet you couldn’t find its mystery.


Have you ever met the fainted heart?

That abruptly forgets to beat,

but shrieks at its peak.

The heart that listens to everything,

but skips what it needs.

The wayward heart,

that feels the world but not the beats.


Have you ever seen the thunderous eyes?

That are intense at outside,

but deafen the ear inside.

The eyes that raven the words,

but rave for the view, everytime.

The suspicious eyes,

that do not trust its own sight.


Have you ever met the mysterious soul?

if not, then never wish to meet the one.

It has its own galaxies way too bright,

and ecstasy that’s too dark.

Along with the defaulted organs,

it has defaulted past.


But if you’re still looking for something beyond,

find this soul a reason,

of its “sleepless nights”, that howl.


-Fareeha Wahid