By Mominah Ambreen

I’m pride, How do you do?
Whenever you play, I shall reside by you,
The evil comes when I’m overdosed by you,
They’ll curse me,  I’m deadly sin # 1.

I’m envy, How do you feel?
I show up when others succeed,
I’m even there when you deny my presence,
And that might not let you heal,
Burning you inside, while you do not heed,
I’m cardinal sin # 2.

I’m lust, known splendidly,
Residing in every part of your body,
I touch hands, not shake,
I run on cravings, no efforts that I’ve to make,
I suck lives, being deadly cardinal sin #3

I’m wrath, my child,
I wait for my time to rise,
I’m the burning flame in your eyes,
Usually accompanied by white lies, deadly sin # 4.

I’m sloth, what’s up?
Shall I attack if you’re up to some work?
Of course nothing gets done, when I’m around
You can’t be productive because you’re bound,
By deadly sin # 5.

I’m greed, always demanding more than I need,
I never stop growing once planted as a seed,
And I’m the reason of unhappiness indeed,
Deadly sin # 6.

I’m gluttony, I ask for more..
I shall make you fat, let people laugh,
I’m there whenever you eat,
Your hunger still needs a lot more of what I try to meet,
Deadly sin # 7.

We are 7 cardinal sins..
Be careful or we shall win..
End our crave or we shall..
Let you hit your grave.