Rabia Syed, Assistant Editor
“Challenge yourself every day to become a better version of yourself”
This is Rabia Syed a Graduate in Anthropology. My urge to explore new and unique ideas in writings and expression of one’s own self into words made me the part of Read Magazine’s Team. It has opened up my mind towards exceptional viewpoints and also provided me with a close connection to the creative people of both writings and arts. I congratulate my entire team on the publication of the magazine and I hope the efforts we put in will be appreciated by our readers. Best of luck to my team and the entire family of Read Pakistan because of which we have achieved this milestone of publishing our very edition of the Read Magazine.

Fareeha Wahid, Copy Editor
“Success is not an achievement but a journey of betterment”
I’m Fareeha Wahid, a Psychology student and a writer. This is my first time to be in the editorial team of any magazine serving as a Copy Editor. I not only realized the significance and challenges in editing but also learnt that a quality magazine doesn’t just provide good reading material to its readers but also polish and train the writers to write even better. Publishing was the magazine is just the initial goal but making it stand out every time is our ultimate goal. Good luck to team!

Kashaf, Proof Reader
The earthlings call me Kashaf, a student of Microbiology at QAU. My love for reading and apparent OCD towards grammatical mistakes compelled me to apply for and become the Proof Reader for the magazine. Working for the 1st edition was amusing and fascinating, a good break from mundane university routine with extremely understanding and kind ordinates. Watching the magazine elements come and go have built me great trust and expectations in the edition as one would have towards one’s child. I hope and believe it will do wonders with much better to come in the future.

Muhammad Ahsan, Media Assistant
This is Muhammad Ahsan, an undergraduate at Sukkar IBA University. My drive towards researching and surfing internet led my way to the post of Media Assistant in this worthy magazine. I also work as Assistant to the Art Director and contribute in the magazine as I aim to integrate the love for reading and writing along. It’s a noble cause that our team has indulged in. With having no requisite experience we have worked at our best under well-groomed leadership of our Editor in Chief. This cause shall go on and on In’Sha’Allah.
Mahnoor Basit, In-charge Interview Section
I am Mahnoor Basit, on the road to being a microbiologist. Being a scientist, you don’t really consider being a part-time writer. But guess what? That’s the thrill of taking it all up. I write for the interview section and have always believed in being inspired by having a greater perspective in other’s lives, learning and picking up a few new things now and then. Insight makes one a better handler of affairs in general. Its only when you know more, that you grow more! So take the flight because it’s worth it!
Fawad Kamal, Art Director
This is Fawad Kamal, pursuing the degree of BS Computer Science from Institute Of Management Sciences Peshawar. It’s myfirst time to be the part of read Pakistan and providing my services as a Graphic Designer for the Read Magazine. Designing a magazine is not aneasy task but to create an excellent design you need to have professional skills and for that you require practice. This is how incredible designs come together. Publishing a magazine is not the only goal but to raise it to the top is the parameter of our success.