Q:- Tell us briefly about your early life.
Ans:- The name is Amna and eversince my childhood days I have had a slight problem in my retina, hence, vision impairment. Initially my schooling was normal, but later I had to continue my education in a special school. Unfortunately, in fifth grade my second’s eye retina got detached too and nothing could be done to save my losing sight.
With the passage of time, I got used to my new norm and started managing my education my way.
Q:- Losing your sight all of a sudden would have been absolutely heart wrenching. What made you go on against the odds?
Ans:- As I mentioned before, special schooling did not set me aside much as I was surrounded by people very much similar to myself. I had my brother as an example before me and by the grace of Allah, he is currently doing his PhD. My teachers have always been there for me, motivating me to do better than the best. Its also the fire within, that burns bright for the sole purpose that our existence matters. The only thing I lack is my sight and not my strength. Other than this, I have been blessed forevermore.
The number of handicapped people in Pakistan is less compared to other countries but still they never back down and are seen doing all sorts of jobs in the field of life.
Q:- Was it self-belief that kept you going or support from those around you?
Ans:- Self- belief must be rock –solid. Also, the social circle I belong to, my teachers constantly portray us as an example to the youngsters so that they may follow our footsteps too and work hard in self-grooming.
However, factors like having an educated family is indeed a blessing. They act as our backbone, firm and strong. And I have always been a staunch believer in the fact that if one prized thing has been taken away from you, others will be handed down to you. So, instead of sulking and dwelling one must make the most of what they have.

Q:- Why did you chose to pursue your dreams despite your condition. Was it worth all the effort and struggle.
Ans:- Yes, definitely worth it. Staying positive is the best approach.

Q:- Our norm may not be normal for you. Tell us about your daily routine and how you manage everything.
Ans:- Once it all settles in and the familiarity has developed, one can manage to perform all their tasks on their own. My mother played the key role in teaching me all the household chores. Not only do I do my own work, I also lend a helping hand to my mother. Also, I am punctual in all my timings.
I have been well trained in my school even mobility tests made us train how to walk and cross roads. However, extra care and attention is taken in a negative manner for it makes us feel inferior to the rest of the people.
Q:- You can be an inspiration to many. A beacon of light for those who are struggling with similar conditions. Your advice to them would be?
Ans:- The message would be “Each one of us holds the key to govern our life. Transform your weaknesses into your strengths. The reality is bitter, but the more we feel it, the more the others are going to make it worse for us. The side which you feed, whether optimism or pessimism, will bloom and grow inside of you”.
The other view is that whatever Allah lands us in, may one day act as our token for forgiveness in the hereafter for we do not see people sinning. We do not witness the bad that surrounds us. And believing in the divine will is a must for strengthening our faith.
Q:- People must have mocked you and looked down at you with contempt but you kept yourself boosted up and never gave up. The best comeback to society would be?
Ans:- I belong to a well educated family, so the response was very positive. They all were very caring and supportive. Moreover, treading on the midway paths is the best option you have for yourself. For existing in this world, your spirit should re-kindle your flame of life. I did face the negativity but I didn’t feel it much.

Q:- Tell us about your faith in god and how it has paid off in your life.
Ans:- I have always been more towards religion. Ever since my retina has been detached, I have convinced myself that it is as per the will of my Creator. I had the faith that I shall be rewarded with ease in all walks of my life. Firm faith paves your way amidst all the darkness.

Q:- What are your future goals?
Ans:- The first and foremost goal is the completion of my current degree. Also, I plan on pursuing teaching and passing on whatever I have learned to others. Moreover, I intend on attempting CSS examination once at least. I have not really paused to ponder about my personal life. Living up to the merits of humanity is the primary focus so far