No sober society can deny the importance of reading. They are well aware of its significance and find themselves incompatible without exposure of books. However, some countries stand far behind this great blessing Pakistan, already having low literary rate, tops amongst such. Realizing the dire need, Read Pakistan aims to integrate the reading and it approaches towards youth and all. We realize it’s worth and want everyone to signify it, as well.
Magazine in such regard is a wonderful initiative. This magazine has been preceded forward with the vision of “reading though writing and writing through research and ultimately reading again”. I hope it to see a booming success before the people of literature, as well as I pray it to be a beacon of writer’s hub and readers’ reading resource.
On the other hand, it is rather very difficult for young people to cope up with their academic life and magazine, such responsible task, alike. Despite of being inexperienced, the magazine crew has worked significantly. I congratulate Afifa Iqbal on leading towards the compilation of the first edition and wish her good luck for the subsequent.
The magazine has a long route to go, In’Sha’Allah