Artificial Intelligence

In this age, mankind has become dominant over the world of metals, moulding them to perform specific tasks as per their rightful commands. We started off with some colourful plastic beads which were within the limits of a wooden box. These beads were moved by the computers (a term used earlier for human mathematicians), here to add and there to subtract but then we escaped the manual repressions and modernized our minds. The strings onto which the beads hung were slashed, the abacus aged, we humans evolved and today we make the steel talk.


Computers are the weapons of today and their creators are the leaders of tomorrow. Without any remonstration, due to their prevalent use, machines such as computers are becoming as essential as water is for the human life. They have embraced our lives so efficiently that before even opening our own eyes in the morning, we first wake our phones up and give them a tidy breakfast of electrons sandwiched between hot peppery copper wires. These days, the man is the slave of a machine which was created by his own free mind but since our brains cannot process attentively without water, ironically, the machines cannot process properly without our brains as well. We, by our astonishing intelligence and perception, have fabricated miracles in the templates of instruments, machines and devices. From an ordinary kite that flies piercing through the waves of the air like a silent arrow and then to a humongous plane who is indeed a friend to allthe birds in the sky. Decades have passed yet still today the earthlings are giving their heart and soul to effectively enhance the fickle technology but the question is can we really give a heart and a soul to a machine? A conscience to feel and a brain to think!?


Can a human create a human machine?


Artificial Intelligence is the process of implicating thinking and mental facilities into a machine.  Initially, the nascent concept of AI founded its roots from the exceptional thinker John McCarthy in 1955.  Remarkably, the AI entity would be able to process like a normal human being and would be adept in performing tasks such as decision making, handling pressure, creativity and randomness, estimate the complexities of problems, make use of their hypothetical neurons and formulate streams of sentences based on their ideas and would be able to speak their mind, form abstractions and concepts, self-maintenance, self- improvement and lastly program a computer by making use of its own language which transparently indicates that an AI machine can legitimately be a non- biological mother to several little robots. But what does the word ‘intelligence’ convey in the term AI? According to renowned writer Jack Copeland, a machine is declared to have astute characteristics when it is capable to embark generalizations that are intuitively encountering situations that have not been experienced before. It must have perception and reasoning which are defined as the eagerness to ask and the willingness to listen. And third property insists on including the sensitive capacities of humans such as care, patience, honesty, depravity, despondency and the list is impossible to be utterly enumerated.


Some of the scientific localities where the AI is widespread are machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, robotics, pattern recognition and knowledge management. Perceivably, we have already opened our classrooms’ doors for Siri and Alexa as they have established the evidence of being accurate and exceptionally smart teachers. Miss GPS leads you to your destinations; the banking heavily relies on AI such as fraud protection and customer service, smart–fridges, washing machines, phones and many other home appliances are being executed through AI, games, music streaming and virtual reality could also be supported by AI and lastly the self-automated cars, however, that is a highly calculated risk of life and death.


Machines can be fast, accurate and dumb while a human can be lazy, slow and a brilliant thinker. A man can become lethargic to even the mere sight of overwhelming technology, which can be justified by Stephen Hawking’s  quote: “The development of full AI can spell the end of human race”.

We should be aware of the threats that AI may rise. Since we humans have created humans after all so we might no longer need each other anymore.