The art of parenting; the most complex yet beautiful form of art that is. An intricate masterpiece that stays in progress till a parent’s very last breath.
While parents seem to put their blood, sweat and tears into ensuring the comfort of their children regarding facilitation, they may drift out of the realm of emotional bonding between a parent and a child; the one relationship of an incomparable sanctity.

Institute of Teachers and Parents Training (ITPT) of Read Pakistan organized a training session executed by Humaira Latif, an educationist and a CEO of an organization United We Excel ,who works as a head of training department of ITPT,Read Pakistan in collaboration and with the aim to unite parents, teachers and students so that they, as a force, can help overcome the obstacles that hinder the personal development of today’s individuals.
This training session was conducted with the aim to remind parents of what really matters; an emotional bond between a parent and their child. To build a bridge between both worlds. The significance of self reflection in the field of parenting had been highlighted, along with fulfilling the needs and requirements that a child looks for in their parent; and vice versa. Parents were also involved in an activity, which helped them realize areas that lacked their attention regarding their children’s day to day lives, reminding them to play their part and fulfill their role in the family for a healthier, happier home.
Every life starts and ends within a home. Healthy relationships require time, and a whole lot of sacrifice. Of course, nothing comes easy but with people that help us improve ourselves, the future is bound for greatness.