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 School Violence


Munaza YousAf


School Violence can be defined as a Students Or School Staff Attack on the individual. School violence is an act that annoys the learning of students and has a terrible impact on students mental health. School violence can be mental or physical bullying. Mentally they can annoy you through verbal, The phrases which they will use to threaten, abusive and mock will mentally unstable the Children. Physically they can torture through beating with weapons.

School violence is not a new issue, it’s been a long time when it began and now it is getting wider day by day. Because of school violence, children commit suicide or become mentally depressed, toxic persons and involve themselves in bad habits like Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs and a bunch of more negative consequence. Moreover, they lost interest in their studies. There are plenty of students who experienced this Violence.

There are some types of School Violence.

  1. Mistreatment
  2. brutal Punishment
  3. Psychological violence.
  4. Bullying
  5. Mistreatment:

Mistreatment is the behaviour of teachers towards their students. when the teachers start to prioritize the student one on another and behave rudely because of some personal clashes and mistreat the Child.

  1. Brutal Punishment:

This is the kind of punishment that teachers lent to the student for not completing the assigned task. These punishments can be corporals, such as beating with sticks or other weapons and Sexual Violence.

  1. Psychological Violence:

Psychological violence is an emotionally attack on students by attitudes and abusive speech. This affects their mental health and gives rise to them mentally volatile.

  1. Bullying:

Bullying is the vastly confronting type of School Violence. This is mostly between the youth or adults aged 17 to 22. This bullying can also include Cyber Bullying.

There are some reasons because of them this issue is circulating extensively.

  • An unprivileged society can be one reason because communities own mental health is disturbed because of poverty so they torture others to overcome their problems and that can be the widest issue.
  • Awful Academic accomplishment can also be a reason for this because their own terrible Academic results never acknowledge someone else achievement and they start disliking the individual and this jealousy gives rise to them brutal towards others.
  • Being bullied by others can also be one of the motive because they disburse a life being bullied so they perform the similar with others too because of their own disturbed mental health.
  • Attention Seeker can also be a reason because they prefer to grab everyone’s attention and imply their power.

But we have to defeat this problem and crack it. There are some tips to keep students safe from school violence.

         Communicate to your Children

Conversation with your children is the significant validity because students don’t inform their parents that what are they confronting in schools that’s why to build Communication with them and develop a habit on them of sharing everything with you and listen to what they tell never ignore them. Lend confidence to them to speak freely. Chat openly with them about bullying, smoking, drinking etc. So they can feel comfortable in sharing their problems with you.

         Be knowledgeable of signs

Parents should be knowledgeable of signs, Signs will be their behaviour from which they can find out that Is their Child is under stress? Because with the solitary change in their Child behaviour will assist them to know that their Child is suffering from anxiety, stress etc. The minor changes can be their grades, if their grades are getting lower day by day or If the Child is quiet for few days, He’s not communicating with anyone these modifications can help them to understand that their child is having some difficulty.

         Set laws for Children

Parents should limit Children time of watching Television and make a rule of sitting with family so they can be close to their family and because of this they’ll have a flexible relationship with their family and that will develop their confidence also they’ll never feel their self alone.

         Stay entangled in your Child School

Parents have to stay bound with their Child School. They have to instruct them on the significance of Schools and visit the school often so they can develop Communication with their Teachers. Be aware of school activities, assignments, functions etc.

Give attention to parent orientation and Be aware of How your Child is performing or How’s His behavior in school. Educate your child that how to manage school work and outside activities or extra circular activities.

         Support to Establish a Community chaos Prevention Forum

If the community function together so that will be extremely beneficial to prevent Violence in School because communities also play a crucial part in violence so develop a pleasant community for your Child.

         Reaction plan

If schools discover that some Child has been bullied so they have to ready a reaction plan. School Authority have to take strict action against it and contact their parents to notify all the situation about their child.

         Applause Children

Parents and teachers have to praise the child decent behavior and encourage them also provide them awards so they can be optimistic in their life.

         Be attentive of Friends

Friends used to have a vital rule on this and Parents should be familiar with of child’s friends because friends are the ones who leave a powerful impact on them. They can take you from optimism to pessimism and pessimism to optimism.

         Additional Circular activities

Parents and teachers have to organize additional circular activities and motivate your child to take part in it. You have to organize the activity according to what your Child prefer so it will encourage your child to be enthusiastic in activities and this will also help them to divert their mind.

To cap up all this in nutshell, we have to prevent School violence which is a vast issue and plenty of people are facing it to overcome this issue we have to pursue these key points so people can protect their Child from any kind of Violence which is effecting on their mental or physical health.



About Writer:

Munaza YousAf is from Faisalabad.  She is doing a BS in English Literature. She is extremely passionate about writing that’s why her obsession is to play with words.

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