Readers conferences

Readers Conferences are one of the astounding events for which the whole family of Read Pakistan waits on tenterhooks. We hold two kind of conferences to highlight the transformational power of books. A conference is held in each member educational institute/ university on annual basis. This event held yearly at different universities where students receive accolades and appreciation certificates for their consistent endeavors, and an annual conference in Islamabad. 

Annual Conference is conducted in Islamabad. The purpose of the conference is to recognize and appreciate the outstanding performance of each member who has actively participated and contributed to the fulfillment of the goal and vision of Read Pakistan. The following accolades are  distributed among the members of Read Pakistan family:

1: 50 Books of the Year Award.

2: Writer of the Year Award.

3: Best Videography Award.

4: Bet on the Back Award.

5: Leader of the Year Award.

6. Read Pakistan Award


Segments in the 2019 annual conference were:
i. Kitaben bolti hen.
ii. Reading Competition
iii. Story Writing Competition*
iv. Stage Play
v. Awards, appreciation & participation certificates
vi. Panelry, Speeches and Talks by Celebrities
vii. Rasm e Taj Poshi of the 2nd Cyber Sultan.



National Readers Conference, 2019: 

facebook: here




Talk of Mr. Umar Riaz in National Readers Conference, 2019