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Readers Conference

Readers Conference is one of the astounding events for which the whole family of Read Pakistan waits on tenterhooks. The purpose of this conference is to recognize and appreciate the outstanding performance of each member who has actively participated and contributed to the fulfillment of the goal and vision of Read Pakistan. This event held yearly at different universities where students receive accolades and appreciation certificates for their consistent endeavors. But the main event held in Islamabad every year where the following accolades can be distributed among the members of Read Pakistan family:

1: 50 books of the year award.

2: Best writer of the year award.

3: Best videography award.

4: Best bet on the back award.

5: Leader of the year award.


ریڈ پاکستان میں ہر سال  مطالعہ کو قومی عادت کے طور پر فروغ دینے کے لئےایک سالانہ تقریب کا انعقاد کیا جاتا ہے۔ جو “ریڈنگ کانفرنس” کے نام سے جانا جاتا ہے۔ اس کانفرنس میں معیاری خواندگی کی تعلیم کو فروغ دینے ، زندگی بھر پڑھنے کی رہنمائی کرنے، فیصلہ سازوں کے لئے تعلیمی امور کو واضح کرنے، شہریوں کے ساتھ ساتھ اس معاشرے کے ممبران اور سب سے بڑھ کر ایک انسان کی حیثیت سے اپنے کردار کے بارے میں نوجوانوں کی رہنمائی پر زور دیا جاتا ہ

 اس تصورکا آغازچیئرمین ریڈ پاکستان ، مسٹر فرخ ڈال ، (اسسٹنٹ اٹارنی جنرل برائے پاکستان) نے کیا۔ اس کانفرنس میں متعدد بین الاقوامی اسکالرز اور مقررین، قارئین سے متعلق مختلف امور اور پڑھنے کی عادات اور پڑھنے کے مواد کی دستیابی پر اپنے خیالات اور نظریات بانٹتےنظر آتے ہیں۔ اس کے ساتھ ساتھ سالانہ ریڈنگ اینڈ رائٹنگ مقابلہ اور  ایوارڈ ڈسٹریبوشن تقریب کا بھی انعقاد بھی کیا جاتا ہے جس میں ریڈ پاکستان کے لئے حسن کارکردگی دکھانے والوں کو مختلف  سرٹیفیکیٹس سے نوازا جاتا ہے۔


University of Wah, Wah Cantt on 16 May, 2022

Readers’ Conference at University of Wah was held on May 16, 2022. It was the grand Book Club as Chairman Read Pakistan, Mr. Farrukh Dall attended the event. Other chief guests who honored the session were CEO, Read Pakistan – Ms. Syeda Fatima Hasan Gilani and Head Judges Committee Ms. Umme Kulsoom Khan. The book reviewed in this event was “Moby Dick” by Herman Melville. Ms. Hadees Fatima from 2nd semester of the department of Biosciences reviewed the book. Poetry was a part of this event too. Mr. Mamoon Ahmad Khilji spoke to the audience about the journey of UW Chapter up till now. Mr. Farukh Dall addressed the gathering followed by the talk of Ms. Umme Kulsoom Khan and Ms. Syeda Fatima Gilani. Chief Guests distributed appreciation certificates among reviewers and poets. Further, shields and certificates were awarded to the former team of Read Pakistan, UW Chapter in order to acknowledge their efforts and contributions. This illuminating session was ended with a group photo.

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Rawalpindi Women University, Rawalpindi on 5th December 2021

Read Pakistan always tries it’s best to promote book reading culture in Pakistan and enlightens it’s motto ” Promoting Reading Culture” on every platform.

One of such ceremonies was held at Rawalpindi Women University in the form of orientation session to make students aware of the nature of this 50 Books A Year Competition.

Chairman Read Pakistan, Sir Farrukh Dall led the team and introduced 50 Books a Year Competition among students. Liaison Head, Momina Talib was also there.

Ma’am Umme Kulsoom,  Head of 50 Books A Year Competition also glorifies the ceremony with her presence.

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Mohi ud din Islamic university, Tarar khal AJ&K on 11th of September 2021.

Read Pakistan strives day in, day out to promote Book Reading culture in Pakistan thorugh multiple programs, events and projects. One such outstanding project is Readers’ Conference.

We hold two kinds of conferences to highlight the transformational power of books. An Annual Conference (conducted in Islamabad) to appreciate the outstanding performance of each member.

And the second sort is a conference, held in each member educational institute/ university on annual basis. One such conference is recently conducted in Mohi ud din Islamic university, Tarar khal AJ&K on 11th of September 2021.

This session was joined by following worthy members:

Chairman Read Paksitan, Farrukh Dall, Pro Vice Chancellor MIU, Amanullah. Director ORIC, Dr. Kaisar. President & CEO Read Pakistan, Syeda Fatima Hasan Gilani, Cyber Sultan, Hamdan Zulfiqar. And other ther HOD’s and faculty members

The members in general and Chairman Read Pakistan Farrukh Dall and President & CEO Read Pakistan Syeda Fatima Hasan Gilani in particular highlighted the importance of books, value of book reading habits and some other ideas of the like.

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Comsat University

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Gujranwala Conference

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National Conference

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Quaid-e-Azam University

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IBA Sukkar University

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Khairpur  Conference

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