Literary Lodge


Read Pakistan has recently launched a compelling initiative in 2021 aiming to provide the latest information about frequently discussed topics all around the globe. Through this initiative, subsequent talks are organized on weekly basis where experts give their insights regarding the particular topics. For the benefit of maximum people, Read Pakistan organizes these talks live on Facebook and YouTube. There is a diverse range of topics that is covered in which the first and essential one is literature. Other areas of discussion include educational technology, book industry, education systems, reading trends, libraries etc. Experts discuss the masterpieces of literature which have transformed the lives of individuals, societies or nation as a whole. This is very helpful for reading enthusiasts who hold high spirits for reading, to find the revolutionary and efficient pieces of literature which will confer maximum yield. There are also discussions on life stories of well-renowned writers and other inspirational personalities whose lives are full of lessons. Experts share these lessons and assist  to implement them in the journey of life so that we can reach maximum heights and fulfill our dreams and goals.