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My seniors

‘My seniors’ 

 Adv. S. Fatima. H. Gilani

Senior vice Chairperson Read Pakistan


Scarcely in life one understands what life wants and how it manifests its manifestations. Plenty the questions put forward are less tacit and even lesser inferred how they are supposed to. Walking down the aisle of life one thinks that we know but hardly ever the meaning between the lines is decoded in the right context. I am one of those who desired but hardly ever understood the real meaning. A few answers that I grasped were from the seniors and let me remind you that my seniors have always been books rather than people. People can confuse you but books will hardly ever.

Like all other children I seeked answers but mostly they were either tapped by confusion or lack of illustration by the ones who owned the world before me. Gradually I realized that I was looking for serious answers. Answers that came through by reading, at times wondering and then reading again and still at times by pondering and then writing. I kept going for books more and more books. Each time a book spoke to me I was happier, I was comforted. Each time people talked to me I wasquaxed I was jumbled. When finally I realized that my seniors were far superior than my predecessors.

No one amongst us has to be told what reading is and why it is important yet each one of us need to find the right way of reading. The number never matters, the matter does. Pages never matter yet words do. I read that Allam Muhammad Iqbal the great poet, thinker and philosopher read vertically and not horizontally. How? I wondered many times, even tried to read the same way but the genius amongst us always have their own ways to go about. I was never successful in reading vertically. I also read that even today big names like Steve Jobs read more than 60 books a year. I wondered how? as even for people like us who have little to do in their lists cannot manage the same. The answer popped up that he reads and listens to an e book that’s how the number fits in. I asked a friend ‘ Malik how do you manage 30 books a year’ He said ‘I don’t , My passion does. I can’t sleep if I haven’t read something each day’.

15 minutes a day reading will get you the habit in 20-25 days. Reading things of your interest will make you a fast reader. Fiction is not bad for maiden reading flights. Read only for a few minutes and soon you will acquire the skill. Read to children if you want them and yourself to be a reader. Read in groups to develop interest. Make a joint effort towards reading. Don’t only know that reading makes a difference also understand the essence of the tense. Read while you wait for the bus, train or even outside in the parking for a friend. Carry a book it will remind you , that you’re a reader. Hold a pen, it tells you ,you are a thinker. Read when you wait in a hospital, at a station, at the airport and even when you travel. Hold a book in your phone and in your heart. That changes strides in life.  There is always a bed time story and one that you love nowadays. Keep changing your favorites that will make you versatile and colorful. Most people thought you cannot read at office place, I realized they were all wrong. I always had those silent peaceful moments when a few minutes made great difference. I was more resilient at work and even at times fresh to go the extra mile, so now I even carry a book to my work place. Oh !did I mention that I am one in a billion .. I am not AllamaIqbal neither the Apple king. If I could do it so can you.

Happy reading.       

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