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It was a treat when I started reading Napoleon Hill and even a bigger treat when I read Andrew Carnegie. The path to success is so firmly devised to be through multiple tools to operate life in the best possible manner. Most of which are tested by humanity and yet so many still to be toiled for. Every day when one treads through the tangled paths of life, it is but a bare fact that one desires for the answers to unveil themselves. It is not the complications that only need answers but the simplicities that desire resolutions. The simplicities that usually haunt the dreaming manifestations, the simplicities that mar the image of days spent.

In the index of my life´s book and like many others, I seek simple answers mostly distorted by the hum drum of existence, the answers that were given to me through the master key of Reading. I kept reading and found myself in an altogether new domain, in a new world. Napoleon Hill talked of Riches and the unparalleled way to attain success and there I was standing in the book store again seeking an answer. I picked up the book and realized there was more to the book in hand as there was always more to life. After I started reading many a times I realized that this book was changing my thinking pattern, this book was changing me. The question is how many of us go through this same feeling of change. How many times does each of us think, read and then think again and feel the presence of that new thought blooming inside us. How many days pass by when our thinking process stirs a new light inside the dark tomb where our spirit rests? Is it always, hardly or never that we want to talk and listen to a book

There is no gender of the spirit, and neither a gender of the reader. I meet women of all sorts and from all corners of life and find them to be better observers, better readers, better leaders and many a times better humans. The only difference I observe is that of a reader and a nonreader, the difference between a thinker and a non-thinker. So many thoughts like these instigated the spirit of reading in me and the realization that I was not only a reader but also an observer and a thinker.

 I personally feel that neither Napoleon Hill nor Carnegie really knew which vistas were being opened inside them but a gift that god bestowed upon them. Today some of us have the gift while most of us can attain it through little effort. Ultimate question is how many of us want to toil for it. Because every time we toil for it God will be there beside us telling us IQRA (Read) because even God wants us to know and reveal the simple truths of life. Even God wants us to heal the wondering mind and blemished spirit through the answers we desire and most importantly he wants us to understand the simplicity of life. He wants us to know that the complexity created is by the questions instilled by our minds which make simple things complicated. But this and much more can only be known if we master the skill of reading and open the door to simplicity through the Master key of Reading.

Happy Reading.

Adv. Syeda Fatima Hasan Gilani

Senior Vice Chairperson Read Pakistan

Advocate High Court




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