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For the Advanced Reader who is now an Observer

For the Advanced Reader who is now an Observer

by Adv. Syeda Fatima Hasan GIlani

As I read more I become conscious and aware of the problems around me. Reading not only gives information but also the observational capacity lagging in our insight. Today I wanted to write about reading and how it has affected me but a concern of a completely different nature has grappled my thoughts and I said to myself “for what is reading if it has not carved a better person out of you through observation of the surroundings ´´. I was pushed to pick my laptop and write about my observation today. 

Global warming has become a multi-faceted delinquent. A pronged approach and a multi fold research. Over the past annals this has advanced in to an evil of unparalleled negativity and grave concern. The unmistakably well throttled jolts of fested problems that have made their mark today and for times to come. The effort behind this article is to relinquish the vulnerability of unawareness and it’s after math repercussions. It may be a trifle effort but a drop in the puddles of change, it may be a small step but a great leap for the ones who have eyes and a vision unparalleled by the mundane trivialities.

Global warming refers to the trapping of gasses (such as Carbon-Dioxide, Methane, Nitrogen Oxide) which causes the rise of the Earth’s Surface Temperature. Global Warming is multiplied by the Green-House Effect, which causes the sunshine to get trapped resulting in a drastic rise of surface temperature of the planet. Scientists believe that a certain level of the Green-House Effect is beneficial as without it the Earth would completely freeze, falling back into the ice-age. Venus is too hot for human beings while Mars is too cold, thus making Earth the perfect planet, a literal paradise.

As Pakistan is an Agrarian country, the problems caused as a result of Global Warming & Climate Change are much more disastrous as compared to the threat of terrorism; however there is a dire need for Government´s Intervention in all matters related to Climate Change & Global warming. Every living organism is affected due to Global Warming. The world is already receiving & experiencing the negative effects of this severity.

Global warming & climate change are often used as synonyms however they are different in every respect. Global Warming is the gradual increase in temperature due to the trapping of gases, pollution, deforestation etc. While Climate Change is a result of Global Warming. Global Warming is causing damages to the ozone, rises in temperature causing the melting of Polar Ice-Caps. 2.5Million people have been adversely affected, this is called desertification.

Power dissipation index which measures the destructive power of cyclones has increased by 35%. There has been a 31% increase in Category 4 & 5 storms. Water makes up 71% of the Earth’s Surface, of the total water 96% are the oceans. Scientists have proven that during different hypothermal periods when temperatures rose between 9 – 13 degrees Fahrenheit, Mammals shrunk by 30%.

Scientists have also stated that 2010 was the year with the most drastic climate changes, ranging from droughts to storms and arctic oscillation (which is the shift of cold air to the south and hot air to the north).

There are numerous ways to research & gauge climate change & global warming however as Pakistan does not conduct research itself the least it can do is follow international methods & standards.

The bottom line is that Global warming and Climate Change are a vicious repetitive cycle, which can only be brought under control with consolidated and united international efforts (such as the Kyoto Protocol, Doha Agreement, and Paris Declaration etc.)

Today if you are a reader you will automatically be an observer. There are far more perilous matters at hand and we who are readers need to talk about it, need to think about it. We are to be more conscious and aware of the world around us as compared to the ones who hesitate to read. One step can bring change and one idea can change the world while one reader can become a leader.

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  1. Ikram Kirmani

    Overall it’s quite informative and interesting piece of writing. Specially the use of figurative language with vivid adjectives in second paragraph is quite impressive. It would have become more impressive article if the same figurative language was used throughout the article rather being restricted to the second paragraph only.

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