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Education is about progress, not exam results

Education is about progress, not exam results

Nirmal obad

Education is the most important factor of life as it teaches us so many things, and turns the darkness into light and this light definitely reflects in a way we speak, think, write, read and perceive.

Education is supposed to give an individuality and uniqueness to a person and his thoughts. It also makes a person aware of himself and the world around him, but the question that comes up every time is; “are we really giving EDUCATION to our children?” or are we just teaching them how to compete? It actually leaves a question mark and maybe this question mark is the reason of all the complexities that an individual faces today and lacks uniqueness and simplicity.

In Pakistan, there are heaps of schools and colleges in different cities but the diffusion of education in most of the areas of the country has been the same for so long, even after realizing the change in the minds, needs and circumstances of this generation and today’s world. The education system these days makes us think,do we really want our youth to step up?

Why do we follow the same monotonous structure and don’t try something new, or give something innovative to our students? I know people are now approaching new methods of learning but ,in return, they ask for a handsome amount of money in form of fees but what about those who can’t afford it? Is good education only a right of those who can afford it? Why do the poor students have to suffer to get a quality education?

Today, the schools don’t teach children how to learn effectively but they definitely know how to make them panic for the results. Is education really a matter of marks or grades? I don’t know what you people think about it but, I think, education is about growth and progress and not highlighting or underlining that you’ve got 1st position.That only gives one certificates and ,sometimes, it also comes with a superiority complex but when it comes to practical life, nobody cares whether you were a high achiever or topper of the institute you belong to,but they hire you on the basis of your skills and intellectual ability.

Singapore has long been an educational high-achiever, endorsing rote learning and long study hours to propel school children towards exam success but the change is in the air as the island state rethinks its approach to education. 

“Learning is not a competition”

 – Ong Ye Kung, Singapore’s Education Minister.

Now the Ministry of Education (MOE) is planning a series of changes to discourage comparisons between students’ performances and encourage individuals to concentrate on their own learning and development.

The changes that have been made around the world over the years give us the hope and courage to change the patterns in order to find the right directions and to be on the right path. Its high time for the concerned authorities to come up with the improvisations to produce and polish the buried excellence.

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