5 libraries in PAGE schools

5 libraries in PAGE schools


Read Pakistan School Libraries” has successfully established “Read Pakistan Libraries” at five schools run by PAGE in different locations in Islamabad.

Libraries were establishes at;

I am a Star School located at Kachi Abadi/ slums of I-12 Islamabad;

Isteqlal and Malala School, House No. 924, Street No. 29, Sector G-9/1, Islamabad;

Khurasa School, House No. 403/404, Street No. 56, I-10/1, Islamabad;

Margalla Valley School, Mohalla Munshi Hayat, Mera Jafar, G-12, Islamabad;

Syed Jamal ud Din Afghani School, Fauji Colony, Rawalpindi.


1500 high quality books were provided. Chairman, Senior Vice Chairpeson and Vice Chairman of the Trust inaugurated these libraries. The project was completed in November, 2016