100,000 school libraries

100,000 School Libraries

History's Largest Campaign to Establish 100, 000 School Libraries

Farrukh Dall, Chairman Read Pakistan introduces the idea and campaign to establish 100, 000 school libraries in Pakistan.


Our Mission

To establish 100, 000 School Libraries in Pakistan.

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Why School Libraries

In the school library field, there are numerous studies which demonstrate that school library is integral to the educational process. The study by Dr. Ken Haycock, Director of the SLIS at San Jose State University shows that students, who attend schools with well-funded, properly-stocked libraries managed by qualified teacher-librarians, have higher achievement, improved literacy and greater success at the post-secondary level., See more...

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Transparency & Efficiency
We know that you care about how effectively your donation is being used. That's why we show you how every dollar was spent, how you made a difference, and how grateful the students and teachers are!
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Our efficiency and transparency have earned us the highest reputation.
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163, 000 Public Primary Schools
in Pakistan (UNESCO)

Total 7, 000 school libraries in Pakistan (IFLA)

3% children
have access to quality reading material
Making Schools an Exciting Place for
school going children
out of school children by making school an attractive place
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Phase II
125 School libraries in