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Farrukh Dall

Chairman/ Board of Trustees
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Farrukh Shahzad Dall

A noted lawyer in constitutional, corporate, commercial, service and Election Laws. He is also a writer, an indefatigable human rights activist, politician and founder & Chairman of Read Pakistan. He has co-authored “White Paper on rigging in general elections 2013” published by Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf. He has written several articles on law and also columns in urdu newspaper Daily Nawa e Waqt.

As Reading Ambassador:

He is considered one of the top reading ambassadors in the country for promoting reading as a national habit. As Chairman of Read Pakistan, he has trained hundreds of teachers and number of schools to make them capable to inculcate love of books in students. His campaigns i.e city of libraries, 100, 000 school libraries, Read Blogs and Radio Talks have widely been acknowledged.

 Literary Contribution:

 Possessing a literary penchant, he has also authored the book “Ap Azeem Hain (you are a genius” and also “Reading Matters”. He has also co-authored the book “Read Readable” and “Quran is Your Life”. He writes articles about reading, education and law in different magazines and newspapers.


Excellence Award, 2015, Quad e Azam Medal, 2016.