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Farrukh Dall

Chairman/ Board of Trustees
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A noted lawyer deals in constitutional, corporate, commercial, service and Election Laws. He is also a writer, an indefatigable human rights activist, politician and founder & Chairman of Read Pakistan. He has a legal history of sorts by having represented more than fifty political leaders of the country including Mr. Imran Khan in their constitutional as well as Election matters before the courts of law and the Election Commission of Pakistan.. He has represented the leading political party Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf in several Constitutional cases in the courts of law. He has co-authored “White Paper on rigging in general elections 2013” published by Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf. He has written several articles on law and also columns in urdu newspaper Daily Nawa e Waqt. currently he is serving as member Central Legal Committee and aslo as member Central Advisory Council of Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf which is the top policy making body within the party. Few of his important top constitutional cases are e.g. OGRA corruption case, UFG Benchmark case, Slums case (on the right to housing), Local bodies elections case, Overcharging of electricity bills case, overseas Pakistanis (right to franchise) case, toll tax case, PTI dharna cases, Riba case, HEC autonomy case etc. He has also represented more than thirty corporate entities i.e, companies before different courts of law as well as Government departments including SECP, PEMRA, PTA etc.

As Reading Ambassador: He is considered one of the top reading ambassadors in the country who is promoting reading culture in Pakistan. Literary Contribution: Possessing a literary penchant, he has also authored the book “Ap Azeem Hain (you are a genius” and also “The Power of Reading”. He has also co-authored the book “Read Readable”.