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5 Libraries in PAGE Schools

“Read Pakistan School Libraries” has successfully established "Read Pakistan Libraries'' at five schools run by PAGE in different locations in Islamabad. Libraries were establishes at; I am a Star School located at Kachi Abadi/ slums of I-12 Islamabad; Isteqlal and Malala School, House No. 924, Street No. 29, Sector G-9/1, Islamabad; Khurasa School, House No.

Promotion of Reading Culture

Promoting reading culture through seminars in different organizations such as  schools, universities and colleges  is a great way to get students engaged, and motivate them to read more. That’s why we launched the 'Community Reading Development Program" to create awareness among the general public and students about the value of reading as a habit. Chairman

Army Public Schools

Read Pakistan is establishing school libraries in 126 Army Public Schools all over Pakistan. The project has been launched since February, 2017. Read Pakistan Library APS Chinar, Murree Read Pakistan Library   APS Upper Topa, Murree Read Pakistan Library APS Clifdden, Murree Read Pakistan Library APS Kuldana, Murree   Army Public School, Upper Topa, Murree SR. #

25 libraries in PEN Schools Sindh

The project is to establish 34 school libraries in schools run by PEN in different areas of Sindh Province. Details of our libraries already established is available in our NEWS AND EVENTS section. Detail of the libraries is provided here-under; S# REGION SCHOOL NAME     1 KARACHI GBPS Jamia Islamia School   2 GBPS