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Reasons Why I Read So Many Books


5 Reasons Why I Read So Many Books How Leaders Can Reap the Benefits of Serious Reading     RAY EDWARDS I have always been an avid reader, but over the last few years, I’ve become much more intentional and ambitious in my reading. In 2015, I set my first challenging reading goal: to read

Bulgaria is 21st in the Ranking for Reading Books in the EU


Bulgaria is 21st in the Ranking for Reading Books in the EU November 1, 2017, Wednesday   About 20 percent of adult Bulgarians (or almost every fifth Bulgarian) and 30 percent of Bulgarian women (every third) have read at least 5 or more books last year, according to Eurostat‘s analysis of Europeans’ cultural habits and in particular reading books. By

Why Reading Books is Good for Mental Health


Why Reading Books is Good for Mental Health   30/10/2017   As many Oklahomans are already aware, Oklahoma is home to many struggling with mental health issues.  Nearly four million people live in Oklahoma and approximately one in five adult residents is dealing with a form of mental illness. In 2016, 196,216 individuals were treated by the Oklahoma Department of

To ‘Bee’ or not To Bee


To Bee or Not To Bee, That Is The Question   October 31, 2017 By Gulrukh Tausif     Recently I had the privilege of attending a major spelling bee contest that is conducted by a famous English Media group every year. Thousands of students from hundreds of schools all across Pakistan take part in

The man who tried to read all the books in the world


The man who tried to read all the books in the world   One man’s quest to create a library of everything, 500 years before Google Books was conceived, foreshadowed the challenges of ‘big data’ and our reliance on search algorithms to make sense of it all.   In some respects, the Biblioteca Hernandina, as it was then

8 books to read before marriage


8 books to read before you get married   Might as well take all the relationship advice you can get.Jason Sussberg/Flickr    Relationships are personal. You can read 100 books about love and marriage and still be surprised to learn that your spouse never makes the bed, but has a weird thing about organizing the dishwasher. That said, if you’re planning